Looking At A Lot For Sale To Build A Home? What To Know About Prep Work

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If you have had your eye on an empty lot where you think that you want to build a home but you aren't sure what the costs would be, it's time to do some research into the lots for sale in your area. There is more than goes into the cost of building a house than just the construction of the property.

Instead, you have to find out what it will cost to prep the land. Here are things to find out and to budget for when you are determining if you can afford the lot and the house.

What Utilities are Already in Place?

You want to know if the water and gas lines are already in place, or if you're going to have to pay to hook up these things and the sewer line. This accounts for a lot of the cost of prep to build. Get estimates to have these hooked up and tapped into, if you don't want to have a petroleum tank or a well, so you can add this into the cost for the future build.

Do Land Preparations Need Completed?

The cost to remove trees, grade the property properly, or prep with a leach bedding system can be costly. Get quotes to find out how much it will cost to prep the land so it's ready for the digging, foundation, and construction of the home.

What are The Taxes?

Taxes on property and houses just a few streets over can vary greatly because of school districts, city or township lines, and more. Find out what the taxes are on your lot, and then for houses similar to what you want to build. This could greatly affect what you want to build or where you want to put up a house. Look at the taxes of multiple lots in the area.

If you think that you want to buy the lot and you can afford the preparations, start talking to a builder in the area. You want to find what the average cost is to build, what the cost is per square foot, and what lots for sale are the best to build on.

Building your own home the way you want it can be a great way to get your dream house. Be sure that you know what you can afford and which lots for sale will suit your needs before you commit to a purchase.


25 February 2020

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