Window Treatment Tips To Maximize The Windows And Energy Efficiency Of Your Home


Your home's windows provide you a view to the outside and let in natural sunlight, but they need to be covered with appropriate window treatments to create an interior comfortable environment. From large and small windows, highly-elevated windows, and windows that face the sun's rays for most of the day, here are some tips to help you apply the right window coverings for your home windows and to consider each situation for the best results in your home.

South-Facing Windows

When any windows of your home are southern-facing, you already know they can let in a great deal of sunlight most of the day. And if your home also has windows facing south-west or west, you will see a big increase in late afternoon and early evening sunlight entering your windows. 

During the winter this detail is a benefit to the interior of your home as the sun's radiation can boost the warmth inside. But in the summer or in southern climates, sunlight coming into your home can make it uncomfortably warm and cause your air conditioner to work extra hard. 

If you deal with warm temperatures at all during the year, be sure to install window treatments to these southern and western-facing windows. Either a drapery or a window blind will block out the direct sunlight and the sun's radiation from entering. But if you choose draperies that are lined with a white or off-white colored lining, this will reflect the sunlight and its heat back outside your window to avoid solar heat gain.

High Windows

Another common situation with your home's windows are windows that are high up on the ceiling, such as in a living room with vaulted ceilings. Some windows span from the ceiling to the floor, and others are built-in. Either way, you want to hang the right type of window treatments in your windows to block out incoming sunlight and ensure your privacy but to also allow for you to open the window coverings when you want to enjoy the view or sunlight.

One option is to install draperies high on the wall above the top of the window or above the top-most window. Draperies will provide a covering for the window, and you can easily open and close them from below. Another option is to install motorized window shades or blinds on the top-most window. This type of window covering you can open and close with a switch from below and it looks attractive on your windows. 

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24 October 2019

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