Create Some Space In Your Basement For A "Woman Cave"

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For many men, the idea of finishing the basement provides an opportunity to have a "man cave" — a space with comfortable seating, a big TV, and decorations that aren't on display throughout the rest of the residence. If you're a woman who is thinking about getting her basement finished, your husband may be longing for a man cave — but you should give some thought to a woman cave, too. If you sometimes feel as though you don't have a proper space in the home in which to relax and get away, now is the time to plan your basement remodeling to include space for you and your girlfriends. Here are some elements that your woman cave can include.

Entertainment Options

Men enjoy gathering in their man caves to watch games on the big screen, but you might also like to unwind by watching something. Make sure that your woman cave plans include space to different entertainment options. For example, you might want a large wall onto which you can project your favorite chick flicks with your girlfriends, or perhaps you'd rather simply hang a TV on the wall for your entertainment.

Refreshment Choices

For you and your friends, your woman cave can be a place to hang out and enjoy your favorite drinks — perhaps while you watch something, or maybe just while you sit around and talk together. A wet bar is a good idea to include in your finished basement. If you're devoting only a small part of your basement to your woman cave, the wet bar doesn't have to be huge. But, it should always include a sink. Whether you're rinsing out glasses after using them or washing lemons and limes before adding them to your drinks, you'll appreciate a small sink in this space.

Office Space

Your woman cave doesn't need to be solely about relaxing and entertaining. If you run a home-based business of any kind, you might want to devote some space for an office inside of your basement woman cave. Consider setting part of the space aside for a desk, at the very least, and ideally some bookcases and other office furniture. Considering these additions can make your woman cave the space to visit whether you need some time on your own, with friends, or time to work on your business. Speak to a remodeling contractor who specializes in finishing basements about these ideas.


3 January 2019

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