Ten Projects Your General Contractor Can Finish In A Year Or Less

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Home improvement projects seem overwhelming. There is always something to do, and not enough time to do it. Thankfully, you can hire a general contractor to do it instead. If you are pressed for time and want the projects completed quickly, then here is a list of projects your general contractor can complete in a year or less.

  1. ​Painting Every Room/Hallway​: When you want every hallway and every room repainted, your general contractor comes in with several small teams of painters who each take a room or hallway and get started. In under a week, the whole house can be repainted this way.
  2. Remodeling the Bathroom​: A new bathroom can be done in about a month, so long as no extra special order parts are required or needed.
  3. ​Remodeling the Kitchen​: Unless you fall short on funds, or the contractor gets stuck working on something else, you can easily have a kitchen remodel completed in six months or less when you completely gut the kitchen.
  4. ​Adding French Doors and a Balcony to the Master Bedroom​: First floor or second floor, it really makes no difference. Your contractor can build a balcony or deck off of the master bedroom area and then knock out enough wall space to add French doors, all within about three months or less.
  5. New Roof​: A completely new roof is done in about three months, give or take a few weeks for bad weather.
  6. New Siding​: New siding and the removal of old siding can be done in about a week, as soon as the contractor acquires the permit and the weather is fair and holds up.
  7. Concrete Work:​ Maybe you are hankering for a cement/concrete driveway or a new walkway to the porch. The general contractor can do that in about a week or two, too. The only exception is a driveway that is double-wide or two to ten times as long as the average driveway, or if you have requested cobblestones, bricks, or stamping.
  8. Brand-New Garage When You Buy a Kit:​ A brand-new garage can be built rather quickly if and when you purchase a garage "kit" that includes all of the necessary materials, minus the concrete floor. A general contractor and his/her crew can finish this for you, including the removal of an old garage, in about a month, give or take a couple of weeks for weather and concrete pouring for the garage floor.
  9. Installing a Fence​: Who does not​ want a fence surrounding their property? Depending on the size of your lot, the contractor and his/her crew can install a fence for you in a week to a month.
  10. ​Decks and Patios​: Want more outdoor space for entertaining? Yep, the general contractor can do that too.

​Secure one or more of the above services at the same time to complete your "honey-do" list faster. Contact a general contractor from a company like Masters Of Boston Building LLC to learn more. 


10 October 2018

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