Clickety-Click: Reasons Your Gas Stove Is Making Clicking Noises

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The "clickety-click" sound of a gas stove can be very nerve-racking, even for individuals who have good patience. The annoying noise is frustrating because many individuals do not know the cause of the sound. There are simple ways to troubleshoot your gas stove, but it may need appliance repair in some cases. The following are things that you can check to determine whether you need a repair. 


Sometimes individuals are too busy to clean their stoves regularly. This can result in grease and food buildup. When these substances come into contact with the stove burners, a clicking noise may be heard. It is also possible that grease or food is stuck inside the igniters or the knobs. Clean your stove thoroughly, including tiny crevices.


Cleaning a stove can expose it to moisture. You may also have a moisture issue if boiling water overflows out of a pot. Drying the burner caps is ideal for this type of issue. You can remove the caps and let them air dry. Turning on your oven will result in making the top portion warm up, which will evaporate any existing moisture. Another option is to use a fan to dry them. Simply direct the fan's airflow towards the stove. 

Burner Alignment

Use caution when removing a burner cap because they can be hot, especially if you have recently cooked. Ensure that they are cool prior to removing them from their base. Remove the cooled burner caps and put them back in place on the bases. Burners can get misaligned for various reasons. For example, you might not put them back in place correctly after cleaning your stove. They can also get misaligned if you bang a pot or pan on your stove. 

Damaged Parts

Gas stoves are durable. However, parts can fail over time. It is even possible for a new stove with a warranty to fail. There are ways to get replacement parts for stoves unless there is an old, obsolete stove, which may need to be replaced. Appliance repair specialists can inspect gas stoves and determine whether there are damaged parts. They can also locate the replacement parts.

An appliance repair company is an excellent resource to use to determine the exact nature of the clicking noise. Appliances that require natural gas to operate can be dangerous if there are serious malfunctions. For example, gas stoves can explode if there are serious issues. This is why appliance repair from qualified contractors is ideal.


4 September 2018

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