What To Worry About When Restoring A Place Of Business

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Whether you currently have a building or are looking at purchasing one, concerns about what may need to be restored in order to make it fit for commercial use can abound. There can be a number of sources of trouble in a structure, from dampness to hazardous materials on the premises. Creating a thorough checklist will allow you to approach the job in a more structured manner.


The presence of moisture in a location, even if it occurred in the past, can lead a slew of issues including mold and mildew. If a large amount of water got into a site, you may even need to call in a commercial flood damage technician -- you can also visit sites like http://www.apex411.com for more information about cleaning up commercial flood damage.

In some cases, the solution may be as simple as running massive fans in order to dry out the structure. A qualified professional should survey your site to see that all potential indoor air quality problems are addressed. You'll also want to take a look at supporting structures including beams, floors, and walls that might have been compromised by moisture or flooding. If necessary, significant restoration work may need to be conducted and reviews will have to be performed in the future.

Hazardous Materials

Problems left behind by hazardous materials can linger for a long time. Chemicals or even radioactive substances are often leftover at commercial locations in the eastern United States from as early as the 1600s. Building materials can also pose a threat, as evidenced by the number of commercial asbestos abatement projects that occur each year. Appearing in everything from paint to pipes, lead can be a challenge as well.

Getting rid of hazardous materials calls for the right equipment and a lot of training. Until you absolutely know what you're up against, it's prudent to wait for a professional to test the site and assess what might be done.

Other types of trouble are worth checking for, too. Learning about fire damage, for example, when a commercial flood damage company visits can be a shock.

Electrical Systems

Many modern businesses depend on electricity to operate smoothly, and the restoration process represents an excellent time to check and repair the electrical system in a commercial structure. Don't assume that electrical issues will be self-evident. Anything from water damage to bugs may cause systems to be faulty, and you may not fully detect a problem until your setup is subjected to a full load.  


20 July 2018

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