Spring Is Coming: Five Landscaping Services To Consider

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It's almost spring, and that means your yard will soon thaw and be visible to all of your neighbors. Do you want to get the most out of your home's exterior? Here are five landscaping services to consider to clean up winter's mess.

General Clean Up

Spring cleaning applies not just to the inside of your home, but also to the exterior. One service to look into is spring clean up. Your landscapers will clean up the debris from plants that have decayed over the winter. Yard clean up can be a big task when you have lots of heavy, dead leaves in your yard to collect.

Selectively Pulling Grass and Planting New Seeds

Some grass will have been so badly damaged over the winter that it needs to be removed for a fully healthy lawn. Your landscapers will go over the yard an pull any grass that needs to go. They can also strategically reseed the yard so that, by summer, you will have a beautiful and full lawn again.

Planting New Flowers

This is a great time to plant some new plants and flowers in your yard to give it some color. The plants can take a while to appear, so get started early in the spring to ensure that you get the most out of your flowers for the year.

While you can do this yourself, your landscaper will bring more ideas to the table in terms of floral options and arrangements. They can also help you select the best plants depending on your level of interest in maintaining the yard and your experience with keeping plants alive.


So your yard has turned brown, and this year you want to make sure that doesn't happen. Consider having a sprinkler trenching services company install a new set of sprinklers that are selected and spaced for the most efficient watering of your yard. When you do that, keeping the yard green should be no more than a few minutes of commitment per week from you.


This is also a great time to consider a hardscaping project. You could, for instance, add a stone edge to your yard and plant a mulch bed. You could put some of your featured plants behind a retaining wall to make them more visible and to protect them from erosion. These are only a few ideas, because hardscaping covers a lot of territory. You could also get more elaborate with any number of ponds, wells, fountains, or other yard decorations.

So, call your landscaper this spring to get your yard started off on the right foot for the year. Taking care of a lawn is a lot of work, and it's something a lot of homeowners skimp on with the other variety of responsibilities they have throughout the year. This year, treat your yard right and get the most out of it.  


26 January 2018

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