3 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Heat Pump

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Not all people live in places with extreme climates, and as such, not all people require traditional heating and cooling mechanisms for their homes. If you live in a place with relatively cool summers and tolerably warm winters, you may opt for a heat pump instead of a more expansive heating system and air conditioner. Doing so means you'll be transferring heat instead of creating it, and in the process saving a considerable amount of money. In order to maintain your heat pump for as long as possible, follow the tips below after you install it.

Air Filters

Air filters are perhaps the single most important thing contributing to the performance of a heat pump. People often make the mistake of failing to check their air filters regularly, and instead only notice problems when they're too late to fix. Check your air filters every month or two and you won't have to worrying about straining your heat pump in the long term. If the air filter is only slightly dirty, a quick cleaning should be all that is required. Luckily, even if you need to replace your air filter, one can be bought inexpensively from a local hardware store.

Outdoor Maintenance

It is not just the air filters that you will have to actively maintain, but the space surrounding the actual heat pump. Something that often goes under the radar, but is actually extremely important: making sure that the pump is not surrounded by shrubs, plants, or general overgrowth. This can restrict air flow and cause your heat pump to malfunction quite suddenly. Outdoor temperature sensors should not be shaded, and exposed wiring insulation should be cleaned regularly of dirt, dust or debris (after turning off the unit, of course). 


A significant amount of condensation is par for the course when it comes to heat pumps, but be careful to periodically check that it is being drained properly. It is far too common for an excessive amount of condensate to build up in the drainage pan that is located at the bottom of most units. When this occurs - or when the drainage pipe is blocked in some way - the unit will quickly develop a leakage problem. This is more common in winter than in the summer, but regardless of the season, regular heat pump maintenance should always include a quick check to see if the drainage pan is functioning properly. 

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8 November 2017

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