Looking For A Fire Alarm Monitoring Company? A List Of Additional Services You May Want To Look For In A Company

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If you own a commercial building, you are required by law to have multiple fire alarms and possibly a sprinkler system in place. A fire alarm monitoring service can help you monitor the alarm and send first responders immediately if the system goes off. But, what you may not realize is that fire alarm monitoring companies often offer many other services aside from just alarm monitoring. Knowing what other services may be offered will help you find the alarm monitoring company that best meets your needs. 

Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspections

One of the services that some fire alarm monitoring companies offer is fire alarm and sprinkler system testing and inspections. The laws and regulations for fire alarm and sprinkler system testing vary by city, county, and state. But all areas require routine testing to ensure your system works appropriately. A monitoring company can complete these tests and submit the information to the fire inspector to update your records and ensure the permit is valid for your fire alarm and sprinkler system. 

Fire Alarm System Repairs

Another of the services that some fire alarm monitoring companies may offer is fire alarm system repairs. If your fire alarm system is not working properly, needs to have parts replaced, or needs sprinkler heads replaced, you will have to hire a trained professional to complete this task. Some monitoring companies will complete all of the repairs for you, ensuring that they are properly done. They can then test the system to ensure all of the parts are working and your system is good to go. 

Security System Monitoring

The last service that fire alarm monitoring services may also offer is security system monitoring. Your commercial building may have a security system in place. This helps to keep people from breaking into your building. If someone does attempt to break a window, open the door or sets off a motion detector, a security system monitoring company will contact you and/or alert the authorities. This helps to increase the odds of the criminal being caught before more damage or theft occurs. 

Many fire alarm monitoring services offer a variety of services aside from just fire alarm monitoring. These services may include security system monitoring, fire alarm system repairs, and fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections. As you go about looking for a monitoring company, ask what additional services they provide and then look for the company that offers the services that best meet your commercial building's needs. 


6 October 2017

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