Maintaining Your Well Water System For Best Performance

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Having a well drilled on your property for water in your home can save you a lot of expense over time but even a well water system needs to be maintained. You can't just drill the well, drop a pump in and forget it. If you do, you may have problems down the line that will cost you money and time. Here are a few tips to maintain and check your well water system to make sure it is working properly:

Maintaining The Pump

Most well pumps are submerged in the well now but there are still some in use that are mounted in the home near the water tank. If you have access to the pump, check to see that is running without any noises or oil leaking from it. The pump is critical to the system and if it is not running properly, you will not get water into the home. If you have extremely low pressure, the pump may be the cause and whether it is in the house on in the well, a repairman should come and check it to be sure it is not damaged.

Checking The Pressure Tank

Modern well water systems use a pressure tank that is made from fiberglass and contains a rubber bladder inside it. The pump pushed the water into the tank, expanding the bladder, and the bladder pushing back forces the water out into the plumbing. If the tank is leaking, it needs to be replaced immediately. Check it for wet spots, cracks, or damage. Check the plumbing going in and out of the tank, and if you are having trouble with pressure inside the home, have the tank checked as well.

Keeping Debris Out Of The Well

If your well has an exposed pipe and cap that you can see, take the time to clean up around it regularly. Keeping anything that might seep or fall into the well away from that cap is a really good idea. Some people build decorative things around the well like a wooden wishing well or a well house of some sort. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with to cover and protect that well head.

Water System Treatments

You should never put anything into your well but if you need to treat the water, there are complete systems that can be installed in your home and will filter or treat the water as it comes into the home. The systems vary by what you need but having your water tested is the best way to find out what if anything needs to be filtered out of the water. Make sure you have the test done with a reputable water treatment supplier so you get accurate results and can discuss the treatment options with them.

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