Cracks, Fading, And Leaks Galore: 3 Fiberglass Pool Problems That You Need Professional Solutions For

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When your fiberglass pool is first installed, it looks amazing and has a perfect shape with bright colors in the finish. Over the years, colors fade, walls bulge, and cracks even begin to develop. Some of these problems come with age, others are caused by poor installation, and some problems may be due to a lack of maintenance. No matter what your fiberglass pool problem is, here are some of the repair solutions that professional repair contractors will be able to restore your pool to its former glory:

1. The Fading Colors and Damaged Gel Coatings of Fiber Glass

As your fiberglass pool ages, you can be sure that the colors will fade. Sometimes the fading may only be slightly noticeable, but it is fading may be unsightly. In addition to fading colors, the gel coating that finishes fiberglass surfaces may begin to crack and resemble a strange, alien desert landscape. To repair the pool, the surface should be refinishing with a solid color for less noticeable repairs. Consider custom pool decals if you still want a custom look.  Cracks in gel coatings are usually manufacture defects, which can sometimes can be repaired if it is in and isolated area, but often requires the installation of a new pool shell.

2. Bulging Walls and Poor Backfill That Need Repair and Prevention

The walls of fiberglass pools may begin to bulge due to backfill that is causing pressure behind the pool shell. The repairs for the bulging will first involve stabilizing the soil and backfill. Once the soil has been stabilized, the pool will have reinforced backing applied behind it and then the bulge will be repaired using fiberglass refinishing techniques. When you have major repairs done to bulges, it is usually best to have the entire surface of the pool refinished.

3. Cracks That Cause Water to Disappear Due to Unidentifiable Leaks

As a pool ages, cracks are caused by many different types of issues, such as settling, being struck with objects or old repairs. Sometimes, the cracks may cause leaks that cause a mysterious loss of water. There are different repair techniques that can be used depending on the severity of the leak. Have a pool repair service evaluate the leak and the type of repair you need. Severe cracks may require draining some water out of the pool for better quality repairs.  

Fiberglass pools are a great solution for a custom pool, but they require professional installation and repairs. If you have an older fiberglass pool that is beginning to show its age, contact a pool remodeling contractor to help with repairs, refinishing and improvements. Check with companies like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas for more help.


23 June 2017

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