Specialty Tools Used on Most Job Sites

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Tools and equipment are essential to a construction operation, and while many of the tools used on the job site are the same as you use in your home workshop or garage, there are some specialty tools that you likely wouldn't use. Contractors will often buy the tools they use regularly so they have them on hand, but some items are so special and expensive that renting or leasing them may be a better idea. It really depends on the contractor and how often they need those tools. 

Hammer Drill and Bits

A drill is a common item in any shop, but a hammer drill is a very specific type of drill that is designed to bore holes in concrete and cement blocks. Often the holes cut with it are ½ " or larger, and the drill spins while the shaft hammers at the bit. This makes it easier to cut a hole through the concrete or cinder block. It is commonly used for drilling holes for plumbing, conduit, and wiring.  

Concrete Saws

This saw is used to slice through slabs of concrete and cut brick, concrete block, and other masonry work. If you need to lay conduit or plumbing under a concrete floor, a saw like this can be used to cut a channel in the floor, lay in some conduit and pour new concrete over it to fill the channel. Now that the conduit is in, you can snake wires in the conduit and keep them hidden.

Demolition tools

There are many tools used for demolition, but a few are specialty tools that you might only use on certain job sites. One of these is a jackhammer. They are large, loud, and run on compressed air but are very effective at breaking up cement slabs or other hard surfaces. A demolition contractor would likely have one or several of these in their site box, but since they require a very large air compressor, they are not a practical tool for your home shop.

Tubing and Conduit Bending

This one really falls under electrical specialty tools, but you could find it in a contractor's box because conduit can be run by the contractor on a job as well as by an electrician. The tool is used only to put precision bends in the conduit but it does so without crimping the conduit so it is easier to run the wiring through the pipe. There is a bit of a learning curve with this tool because if your measurements are off, the bend will be wrong, and the conduit will end up either too long or too short for the intended run.

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10 January 2017

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