Have Someone That Is Elderly Living Alone On Your Street? 2 Ways How You Can Help Them

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If you have someone that is elderly living alone on your street, you should help them as much as you can. Below are two things you should consider doing for them to help you get started.

Stay Cool and Warm

The summer heat and winter cold can be dangerous no matter if it is inside or out. This is especially true for someone that is elderly. If the elderly person you are helping has an air conditioning unit installed, and it is not working, have it repaired for them.

Visit with them and you can easily tell if their house is warm or cool enough. If it is not, check the thermostat to see if it is set correctly. If it is, then the unit itself likely has problems. Contact an HVAC contractor to come to the home and service the unit. They can do maintenance on it and check it for repairs. If problems are found, ask the contractor to go ahead and repair the unit.

If the HVAC unit is old, you may want to consider replacing it. If your elderly neighbor cannot afford this, you can do this yourself or get with other people in the neighborhood to help pay for it.

Make Their Home Safer

Because this person is elderly, they have a higher risk of falling and hurting themselves. You can help with this by making some changes to their home to make them safer. One thing you can do is to install grab bars in the shower to help them get in and out. Install grab bars near the toilet to help them sit down and stand up. Put rubber mats in the bathtub to keep them from slipping.

Install lighting in hallways and stairs to ensure they are lit enough for the elderly person to be able to see well. Tape area rugs that are on the floor so they do not slip when the elderly person steps on them.

Check the locks on the doors to ensure they are all working properly. Check the window to make sure they are locked. If it is in your budget, have a security system installed in their home. This system should also have a medical alert system. This should also include a bracelet the elderly person can wear so they can easily get help if they fall.

Talk with other people in your neighborhood about helping you take care of the elderly person. You could set up a schedule to check on them regularly so not one person has to do everything.


12 December 2016

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