Tips for Identifying a Ranch Home and How to Choose the Best Roofing Material


Ranch style homes are often mentioned and pointed out, but the relative simplicity of the home sometimes backfires and leads to false identifications. If you think your home is a Ranch, but you're not positive, there are a few tips for identifying the style and knowing for certain. That knowledge can help you choose the best building materials when working with roofing contractors on a repair or replacement project.

Identifying a Ranch Home

Ranch style homes have a one-story design with a floor plan that can resemble a simple rectangle or have more of an L-shape, depending on whether the home has a built-in garage. The home will have either wood or brick in the siding to help the home blend in well with the surrounding nature.

A Ranch home has little ornamentation. Windows have shutters and sliding glass doors break up the straight lines of the house but you won't see any other decorative designs on the home. The roof will have a similar simplicity with its modified, low-pitch gable roof with a potential cross-gable if the house has the L-shape.

Best Roofing: Wood Shingles

Wood shingles pair well with either the wood or masonry siding found on a Ranch home. The shingles continue the nature inspiration for the home while still adding a touch of visual interest. Choose a shingle stain color that complements the shingles or wood siding rather than perfectly matching the colors.

If you want to make a bolder visual statement on the roof, you can instead choose wood shakes. The shakes came from the same type of wood as the shingles but shakes have a rougher, rustic cut than the smoother shingles. The texture can help add dimension to your Ranch roof.

Best Roofing:  Asphalt Shingles

Are project costs your primary concern when undergoing the roofing project on your Ranch? Wood roofing isn't the cheapest roofing material around and the potential for weather damage also means you might have some maintenance costs in the near future. Consider using asphalt shingles as your roofing material instead.

The composite asphalt shingles have a lightweight design, which sometimes makes these shingles a bad choice for gable roofs due to the steep sides amplifying wind damage. But the modified, lower-sloping sides of the Ranch gable mean the wind damage isn't as large of a risk.

Asphalt shingles are low maintenance and will ensure your project costs stay low since the composite material is one of the least expensive roofing supplies around.


27 October 2016

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