Tips For Choosing Natural Stone For Your Bathroom Countertops

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If you're designing or remodeling your master bathroom, you may spend a lot of time considering materials for the walls, floors, and shower stall. However, at a certain point you'll want to turn your attention to the vanity tops. While these countertops don't get as much use as those in the kitchen, your choice in material still influences both how the vanity looks and how well it holds up to daily tasks. Consider installing natural stone for your vanity countertops.

Look into Reliable Granite

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops because of its durability and beauty. As Home and Garden TV points out, these qualities make it ideal for the master bathroom as well. Granite comes in so many colors and patterns that you could select this material for virtually any design style. For example, black granite with minimal veining would make a bold complement in an ultra-modern bathroom, while a slab with a beige base and warm speckling would look inviting in a rustic bathroom.

Consider Luxurious Marble

If you have a Mediterranean-style bathroom or want to create a spa feel, marble is a good option. Marble promotes instant luxury in your bathroom, and you can even carry it through to the shower stall or other tile work. Marble takes a little more upkeep than granite – you'll need to have it re-sealed on a regular basis. However, natural marble will develop a beautiful patina over time.

Get Creative with a Different Stone

Though granite and marble are more standard, you could also choose from slate, soapstone, limestone, or sandstone. Each of those stones comes with its own design profile. For example, slate is typically matte black, but it also comes in black, green, or purple. It also offers an organic look suitable for more casual spaces. If you want a really organic look, consider a slab of limestone with charming fossils embedded in the rock. Sandstone, with its coarse graining, is an attractive addition to a beach-style bathroom. For a chic effect, consider the cool gray of soapstone – it's also the densest and least porous of all the non-traditional stones.

Match the Edging to the Design Style

No matter your natural stone selection, you'll also have choices in the edging. An eased or square edge is the most common, and it will fit in with any design style. If you have a more luxurious bathroom, you could consider a bullnose or ogee edge. Both of these are rather ornate. A creative edge for modern or industrial style bathroom is aggregate. Here the edge is left "natural," as if the contractors just broke the stone off.

Choose stone countertops for both durability and beauty in your bathroom vanity top. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like


11 October 2016

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