2 Things To Think About When You Are Building Your First Horse Barn

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When you decide to build your first horse barn to bring your new horse to, you want to get it right from the very first. If you design it correctly, you will have plenty of room to work with your horse inside and plenty of room for other horses when you decide that you want to add on. So, what are some things that you should plan for and make sure that you have in your horse barn?

Live With Your Property For Some Time

You don't want to buy a new property and immediately start building a horse barn. Spend a few months or even a year on the property before you build. The reason for that is you are going to see everything the property has to offer, where the swampy spots are, where the shady spots are, and where the really hot spots are. Once you know that, you know where all the good places to build a barn are. 

You can also track the way the wind and weather around your property. If the wind generally moves from one direction, you want to build your barn so that it doesn't blow right into your barn. That will drive snow and rain into the barn. If you don't want precipitation blowing into your house, why would your horse? You may also want to see if you can place the barn behind a natural windbreak, just as an added protection. 

Create a Way to Create Spaces

Your horse will have their own stalls, but you may have a time when you have a horse that needs to be isolated for some reason. They may be recuperating from an injury or you have a new horse that you want to carefully introduce to the rest of your horses. In that case, you might not want to leave them in their stall all the time. Even the most comfortable stall is going to start wearing on your horse after some time. So, create some spaces where you can let your horse out from their stall and let them have a little bit of space. You can do that in a couple ways. One is to have a large room with storage on one end. You can install a gate in the middle, and use the other end for your horse to have some space. 

Getting a new horse is exciting. If you are going to build a horse barn, make sure you keep a few things in mind for your horse's comfort and for your own comfort. Then contact a contractor from a company like Swiss Construction.


22 September 2016

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