3 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Oil Furnace

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Keeping your home's interior heated is essential when it comes to the health and safety of your family during the cold winter months. If your home relies on an oil furnace for heat, then taking the time to complete routine maintenance tasks is essential for ensuring the functionality of your furnace.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure that you are properly maintaining your oil furnace in the future.

1. Keep an eye on the smoke coming from your chimney.

As your oil furnace burns fuel to generate heat, smoke will escape from your home's chimney. The color of this smoke can tell you a lot about the condition of your oil furnace. If you notice that the smoke coming from your home's chimney is black, this could indicate that there is a problem within your oil furnace.

Black smoke usually means that the oil used to fuel your furnace isn't being burned completely before emission, resulting in wasted fuel. Contact a repair professional for help pinpointing the problem as soon as you notice black smoke during the heating season.

2. Keep your blower motor well-greased.

The blower motor in your oil furnace plays a critical role in helping to circulate heated air throughout the ducts in your home. Since the blower motor is constantly in motion when your furnace is engaged, it's important to keep the moving parts of your blower motor well-lubricated.

Taking the time to grease your oil furnace's blower motor fittings with two or three drops of 10-weight nondetergent motor oil on an annual basis will help you prevent costly damage to this important mechanical component.

3. Keep your furnace's stack control clean.

Your furnace is equipped with a stack control switch that is designed to monitor the operation of the oil burner and shut down your furnace when a problem is detected. This automatic shutdown can prevent serious damage, but the stack control can malfunction when it is allowed to get too dirty.

Soot that builds up on the surface of your furnace's stack control can result in the prevention of the ignition of the burner. Clean the stack control monthly during the heating season to ensure proper performance.

Maintaining your oil furnace is important when it comes to providing your home with access to a reliable heat source. Be sure that you are monitoring the color of the smoke emitted from your furnace, lubricating the blower motor, and cleaning the stack control to keep your oil furnace in good condition. Contact a company like Shearman Oil Inc for more information.


10 August 2016

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