4 Extra Repairs And Improvements You Want To Prepare For When Reroofing Your Home

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When it comes time to replace your old asphalt shingles, you may want to be prepared for unexpected repairs. This can be due to things like leaks that cause rot and require repairing decking or wood framing. You may also want to consider improvements to prevent failures in the future, such as extra flashing membranes or protection from ice dams. Here are some of the extra costs you can expect for repairs and improvements when you have your roof replaced:

1. Repairs To Decking That Is Damaged Or Rotten

One of the common problems that you will find when you get ready to reroof your home is rotten roof decking. This is one of the simplest repairs to do, but you can expect to pay a little for materials and labor. When you order materials for your roof, you may want to add a couple of sheets of plywood to account for any repairs that roof decking will need.

2. Repairing Structural Damage To Rafters And Wood Framing

If you have rotten roof decking, you may also have rot that continues to the rafters and wood framing of your home. While repairing a small section of rafter may not cost much, repairs to joists and other structural elements may be costlier. If notice watermarks inside your home, tell the roofer about it and have them look at it to determine the type of repairs you will need to have done.

3. Adding An Additional Membrane To Flashing To Prevent Wear

In addition to repairs, improvements can help you stop future problems. In areas where different sections of roof meet, there is often flashing, which can be metal and eventually wear. To protect these areas, ask your roofing contractor to install an additional rubber membrane beneath any metal flashing you have on your roof.

4.  Improvements To Eaves To Help Stop Ice Dams And Roof Damage

In many climates that have heavy snow, ice dams can cause major problems with roofing. If you have a lot of snow, talk with your roofer about improvements to prevent ice dams. This can be things like a membrane at the eaves, thawing systems, or extra insulation in your attic.

These are some of the extra costs you will want to prepare for when you replace your roof. If you are ready to have a new roof installed on your home, contact a roofing contractor like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc and talk with them about some of the repairs and improvements your roof is going to need.


5 February 2016

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