How To Use Recycled Granite Pieces To Build A Vanity Countertop

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Broken pieces of old granite countertops are typically dumped into landfills, but you can use some of those pieces to make a custom-made vanity countertop if you like to recycle building material instead of throwing it away. Here is how you can recycle old broken pieces of granite to make a custom-made countertop for your bathroom vanity.

Finding Broken Pieces of Granite

You can find broken pieces of granite countertop at demolition sites. Among the best demolition sites to visit are old hotels, mansions, and churches that are being torn down that had adorned their bathrooms and kitchen areas with granite countertops. There are also stores online that specialize in selling recyclable materials from demolition projects where you can buy old pieces of granite countertops.

Cutting Off Jagged Edges

Putting a vanity countertop together from broken pieces of granite is similar to putting a puzzle together. However, with the old granite countertops, you'll need to cut the pieces so they'll fit together to form a new countertop. You also need trim the jagged edges on the pieces so they are flat and straight. Flat surfaces will help form a better seal when you glue the pieces together.

Clamp a piece of granite onto the top of a work table. Make sure the jagged edge you are going to remove is over the end of the worktable. Mark the edge you want to cut off with a chalk line – this will help to make sure you do a straight cut.

Put a diamond-tip saw blade on your circular saw. Diamond-tip blades are hard and tough, and are good to use for cutting through granite. Cut along the chalk line to remove the jagged edges on each piece.

Cutting Sink Hole

Find a piece of granite big enough to cut an opening to drop the bathroom sink through it. Draw an outline of the sink on top of the granite piece. Place blue painter's tape on the outside of the markings to help you see the outline as you cut. Mark on the granite piece where the holes for the faucet will be placed.

Use the grinder with the diamond blade to cut out the outline.

Use a diamond-tip drill bit to cut out the holes for the faucet.

Glue Pieces Together

Set the pieces on top of the vanity and arrange them in the order you'll be gluing them together. Make sure the surfaces of the pieces are even with one another. If you have to adjust the height of a piece, slide a small wedge under it to make it flush with the surface.

Place a granite adhesive material between the sides of two pieces and push them together. Wait until the adhesive dries before connecting the other pieces to form the entire countertop. Gently scrap away any excess adhesive with a contractor's single edge razor blade scrapper.

Install the sink and faucets once the adhesive throughout the entire countertop has dried. For assistance, talk to a professional like A. Padilla Marble, Inc.


14 January 2016

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