5 Space Saving Ideas

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If your New Year's resolution is to get rid of clutter and save space, you should consider maximizing efficiency. With the right idea you can have more space than you thought possible. Here are five space saving ideas:

1. Doorway shelves

Install shelves above your doorways to store objects. Doorways waste a lot of potential space. Why not think of a new and creative way to make that space usable? Install shelves above your kitchen doorway and store recipe books on it. You can also put a shelf above your bathroom door and store extra towels or toiletries. Doorway shelves are a great way to maximize space that would otherwise go unused.

2. Built in entertainment centers

Entertainment centers are big and bulky. Build your entertainment center into the wall to make your living room large. If your wall is deep enough, your entertainment center can lie flat and you can install sliding walls. The sliding walls cover the entertainment center when it's not in use. A hidden entertainment center not only gives you more space but allows you to transform your living room into a guest bedroom or an extra dining room when you have guests.

3. Stair storage

Like doorways, stairs use a lot of space that tends to go to waste. Use the space underneath the stairs as a storage area. If there is a wall underneath your stairs, remodel the space to include a closet or cabinets. If the space is empty, install shelves. If the stairs are near your kitchen, you can also turn the area underneath your stairs into a pantry.

4. Loft beds

Make the most of a guest bedroom by installing a loft bed. A loft bed adds space and flexibility. Place a desk underneath the loft bed to maximize efficiency. You can use the room when it's not in use as an office, library, or play room. Loft beds are also a way to add space to your child's room.

5. Built in appliances

There is no room in which space is more valuable than the kitchen. In the kitchen, counter space is king. Built in appliances remove clutter from your counters. Build your microwave into the wall or in a cabinet to give yourself a few more feet on your counters. Add open shelves to store your toaster, blender, and coffee maker. You can even add electrical outlets to get these appliances permanently off the counters.

These five space saving ideas will make your home organized and clutter-free.

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27 December 2015

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