Do You Need A Powered Or Manual Edger? The Answer Is Usually Both

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When the decision between powered and manual tools comes up in the overwhelming majority of conversations, the advantage usually goes to the powered option as being easier to use, but not without the added baggage of being more expensive. When it comes to edgers, however, the decision becomes much more nuanced, and depends on a number of factors which ultimately point to the fact that most contractors and homeowners are going to find ample use for both the manual and powered edger. 

Manual Edgers

A manual edger can be used in just about every situation where a powered edger can be used, but the opposite cannot be said. A manual edger can be used along walkways and other permanent surfaces with a high degree of accuracy just like an electric or gas edger, but it can also be used easily next to low fences or next to the foundation of your home. In places where power edgers won't fit, a manual edger can be used freehand to create sharp, clean lines freehand near any surface or structure in your yard. 

Powered Edgers

A powered edger might have slightly more limited applications than a manual edger, but this tool will still see a lot of use in urban environments and during high-volume times like in densely populated areas during the spring and summer.  The magic of a powered edger is that it's simply so fast and accurate where it works best, which is around hard, flat surfaces that can be used to steady the edger, like driveways, flagstones, walkways, and pools. With a little practice, you can whip a powered edger around broad turns with impressive accuracy, saving some serious time and energy on any job while still making sure the end product looks sharp and clean. 

What About Weed Whackers?

A common trick for homeowners or fledgling landscapers in a pinch is to use a weed whacker as an impromptu edger. This method works in a pinch, but shouldn't be used long-term since it produces a notoriously inconsistent, sometimes sloppy product. Also, the added stress on the strings of your trimmer can break them easily, which can get expensive and annoying quickly. The stress of using a weed whacker where an edger is more appropriate can have negative repercussions on the fixtures in your yard as well, since the process can also degrade the sides of your driveway or fence, chipping and cutting into the wood or asphalt. 

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9 December 2015

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