Three Reasons To Clean And Maintain Your AC Unit's Fan Regularly

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Although it seems like a relatively simple part of the AC unit, the fan is actually one of the most crucial elements. The fan provides a continual stream of air to the unit, allowing it to take in air without overexerting itself. You should have a repair technician check over your fan every time your unit is serviced. In addition, you can help maintain the fan yourself by cleaning it occasionally, checking that the screws are tight, and making sure it's well-lubricated. Here are three reasons it's a really good idea to take the time for fan maintenance.

1. Inefficient cooling

If your fan doesn't work properly, your unit doesn't work properly. This may show up at the least opportune time, such as the summer's first hot spell, because that's when the unit is under the most strain. If you haven't been maintaining your fan, it could be operating below maximum capacity because of rust and lack of lubrication or because a screw has come loose, leaving the fan skewed and hitting other internal unit components when it rotates. This can cause damage to both the fan and the other components and, like any problem that makes fan function falter, diminishes the airflow so cooling is less efficient overall.

2. Condenser coil function

The condenser coils are both an important part of the cooling process and a very vulnerable one. The coils are totally reliant on the fan to provide sufficient airflow. If this doesn't happen, your unit can overheat, preventing normal function. In addition, the compressor itself can burn out due to the strain and the high temperature. 

3. Expensive repairs

Compressor burnout is probably the most expensive repair you'll need if you neglect your fan. However, there are also several other types of repairs and replacements that you'll need if you don't take care of it. These can include:

  • New fan blades 
  • New fan motor, or fan motor repair
  • Condenser coil repair

Periodic fan maintenance can, in many cases, prevent these expensive problems. That's why it's called "preventive maintenance."

As you can see, there are worthwhile reasons to care for your AC unit's vulnerable fan. To help you remember when to check on and clean the fan, you should plan your fan maintenance around something easy to remember. For example, you could plan to do it (and the rest of your AC unit cleaning at the same time) twice per year, whenever the time changes to Daylight Savings Time and back again.

For more information about air conditioning maintenance, contact a local store, such as One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating (West Pasco).


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