Four Unique Features To Give Your Wood Fence Practicality

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If you want to have a new fence installed around your home, it does not just have to be a plain wall. Many decorative features can be added to your fence to make it more attractive. Some of the things that you do can even provide practical solutions, such as adding benches for more seating in your backyard, or installing garden boxes to renovate landscaping. Here are some practical features that can be done to give your wood fence a unique look:

1. Adding Shade With Attached Structures On Your Fence

If you live in an area that has hot summer days, shade can be very valuable. It can provide you with a cool spot to sit, as well as help keep your home cool. Structures like arbors can be built into your fence and provide shade in specific places. You can plant covering vines on them or use retractable awnings to give additional shade and covering in these areas.

2. Installing Planters To Give Your Fence Borders A Decorative Look

Planters can also be a great addition to your fence. Conventional planters can be boxes made out of the same wood as your fence to give your landscaping and fence life. There are also vertical designs that can give you a vertical garden that grows up your fence. This can be great if you want to have a small vegetable garden but have a limited amount of space.

3. Giving Your Yard Seating With Integrated Benches In Your Fence

You may also want to add seating to your backyard. This is something that can be done with the addition of benches to your wood fence. Bench seats can have features, such as being recessed into the fencing. This will not only give your fence a unique look, it will also add structural strength to the fence preventing things like loose posts and leaning sections of fence.

4. Adding Decorative Features To Your Fence With Lighting

You may also want to add lighting to your wood fencing. This can be done with decorative features like post caps that have lighting features. You can also use shadows and backlighting to create unique designs on your fence and lighting for your landscaping. Patterns can be cut in the wood fence and landscape spotlights installed to provide lighting for the designs. You can even use solar powered materials to make the designs energy efficient.

These are some practical features that you can do to give your fence a different look. If you are ready to have a new fence installed around your home, contact a fencing contractor like American Secured Fence and talk with them about incorporating some of these ideas into your new fence.


12 August 2015

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