Choosing The Right Fencing For Your Home

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Before you begin fencing your yard, you need to decide what the purpose of it is. Whether your reason is for privacy, keeping your animal enclosed, or adding value to your property, there are different types of fences available to meet any need. Once you have decided what your fence is for, you can then decide on what type of fencing you will need. There is a wide range of fencing options available. You have to consider the maintenance of the fence, the homeowners association rules, and the curb appeal of it before you make a decision. Here are some of the fencing options you should consider.

Vinyl Fencing

More and more homeowners are choosing vinyl fencing over traditional wood fencing. Vinyl fencing is less expensive and yet it lasts much longer. With vinyl fencing, you do not have to worry about refinishing it. It keeps the same color throughout with little to no maintenance needed. With this type of fencing, you can quickly clean it with bleach and water. Because of its durability, you do not have to worry about it breaking off when it gets worn down. You should opt to clean your vinyl fencing twice a year in order to keep it looking good. 

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing has been around for a long time. There are many varieties of wood fencing, including board, post, privacy, and picket. With wood fencing, you are able to customize it to fit your property. You can expect to spend anywhere between $7 and $14 per linear foot for wood fencing. While wood fencing does require some maintenance, the cost of refinishing is low. It can be done yourself very easily by cleaning, sanding, and painting. 

Chain Link Fencing

One of the most inexpensive fencing options on the market is chain link fencing. Chain link fencing is both durable and sturdy. It can withstand heavy winds due to its interlocking design of galvanized steel. Should the fencing get damaged, the damaged area can quickly be cut out and replaced with another piece. Chain link fencing is also easy to maintain. All it takes is soap and water to keep it clean. Although you may think that chain link fencing has to be gray and dull, it can actually be customized to fit your needs. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and heights for your tastes.

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8 July 2015

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