Interesting Ways To Use Iron Work In The Home

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Iron work can be a beautiful and classic addition to any home. Often, iron work is used on stair railings and for fencing in the yard. Iron is very sturdy and can last for decades and sometimes even longer. Iron can also be custom made to almost any design and really allows homeowners to express their sense of style. There are a variety of interesting ways that iron work can be used in the home. 

Room Dividers

Open floor plans are very popular in many homes across the US. However, not everyone likes a completely open floor plan. One solution is to close rooms off with walls. While this does provide separation between spaces, it also decreases light into a room and can make the home feel smaller. This is where iron room dividers come in. Room dividers made out of iron allow light into the room yet still help to create separate spaces in an open floor plan. These room dividers also make it easy to carry on conversation from one space to another. Iron room dividers can be shaped into nearly any design and can be a stand out feature in any room.

Indoor Gates

Often homeowners who have children or pets find that they need to install gates within their homes, especially in spaces near stair cases. These gates can be unattractive and often do not match the decor of the rest of the home. In areas where gates may be needed for a long time, iron gates may be a great choice. Interior iron gates can be made in styles ranging from classic to modern and are a nice twist on traditional baby and pet gates. Adding one of these gates to a hallway or doorway can also really up the wow factor in any home.


Lighting plays a big role in interior decor. A great lamp or chandelier can change the look of an entire room. Iron is an incredibly versatile material when it comes to lighting. It can be used for anything from modern pendant lights to traditional wall sconces. Iron can be used for lighting fixtures throughout the entire home, including outdoor spaces. Its sturdiness and versatility make it a great addition to any space. 

Iron work is a great feature to add to any home. It can be used indoors and outside and adds visual interest to any space. Iron also has a lot of versatility in terms of style. It can be made to look modern or traditional, which makes it perfect for nearly any style of home.

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16 June 2015

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