3 Signs That Your Boiler Is Outdated

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If you have been looking into the idea of purchasing a new boiler, you have probably heard advice to install a new system if your existing boiler is outdated. Outdated boilers are a real waste of energy and can cost you a lot of money, even if your system is still doing a good job of keeping your home warm.

Although you might know that you should buy another boiler when your existing system is outdated, you might not be sure of how to tell that your system is old. However, these are all signs that your boiler is outdated and is better off being replaced.

1. It Features a "Dry Cycle"

Many older boilers feature a dry cycle. This cycle simply means that once your home reaches the comfortable temperature that you have set on your thermostat, that your boiler will still continue to produce heat. Instead of pumping this heat throughout your home, however, it will usually send it to your radiator. This can result in a waste of a lot of energy because your system is running and producing heat when your home is already at your chosen temperature. Luckily, newer boilers do not have this feature.

2. It's Placed on the Floor

Newer boilers are generally installed in a manner that attaches them to the wall. If this isn't the case with your boiler, and your boiler is sitting on the floor somewhere in your home, then it's probably ready to be replaced. Even if your on-the-floor system works well at keeping your home warm, it probably uses much more energy than a newer model would.

3. It Features a Continuous Pilot Light

When you look through the window on the front of your boiler, can you see a small flame burning? If so, your boiler has a continuous pilot light. This can cause your boiler to use much more energy than it needs to, which can cost you money.

Although it might seem like a smart idea to hold on to your boiler until it stops heating your home effectively, doing so can actually cost you a lot of money over time. Older, outdated boilers can use way too much energy when compared to newer models, so even though you'll have to make an investment in your initial boiler installation, doing so can help you keep more money in your pocket -- and your budget -- in the long run. Visit www.schweitzerbros.com for more information.


4 May 2015

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