What Wood Should You Use On Your Deck?

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If you are in the process of designing a deck for your backyard, you will first need to choose the lumber from places like Rocky Mountain Forest Products. There are many different wood varieties you can choose from, from the sleek mahogany to exotic ipe. The following wood varieties are recommended when building a deck, to their many benefits.

Western Red Cedar

There are a variety of types of cedar lumber, with the western red cedar being among the highest quality. This is a soft wood that begins with a reddish brown color. Over time, the cedar color will gradually fade and turn to a grayish color. While it splinters fairly easily, it holds up very well to extreme temperatures, as well as a lot of sun exposure and rain. You can seal the cedar to protect it from splintering, and use a penetration stain for even more durability.


Another wood lumber with a reddish shade is redwood, which also turns to gray when it starts to age. Unfortunately, redwood does not have the same protection against moisture, as this can cause it to turn block. While redwood is fine and different weather conditions, it is not ideal if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain. Aside from water, it is a good material that doesn't rot easily. You can also improve its appearance and strength with a good sealant.


Ipe may not be one of the most common types of lumber for decks, but it is an excellent choice. This is a hardwood that comes from South America. It is highly resistant to both rot and pests, so you don't have as big of a concern of termites and other pests that are attracted to wood. Due to its hard surface, it doesn't burn, crack, or splinter easily. It is also very heavy, so it is best accented with slate, stone, and other contemporary styles. If you intend to use ipe, be sure you are choosing a supplier that harvests it responsibly and ethically, as it is a rainforest wood.


Finally, you can choose mahogany for your deck. This is another tropical variety of hardwood that provides excellent protection from rotting and various insects. If you want your mahogany deck to resemble teak for a Hawaiian-themed backyard, you can treat it with marine oil. The alternative is to let the wood age naturally and have the silvery hue it will be left with.  There are different types of mahogany to choose from, usually classified by where they were harvested from. To be sure it was harvested responsibly, look for lumber that is marked FSC. This stands for Forest Stewardship Council, and will show you that the wood was harvested responsibly and ethically.


11 March 2015

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