2 Additions To Consider When Remodeling Your Home

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Building an addition to your home is a great idea, especially when you consider the many ways in which it can benefit your home. An addition to your home can increase your property's value, improve curb appeal, and help you get more use out of your home. Two additions to consider when remodeling your home with a company like McHenry County Custom Builders, Inc. are a second suite and an additional bathroom.

Second Suite

A second suite, also known as a mother-in-law apartment, is essentially a second home within your house. These apartments will typically have everything that you would find in a regular apartment, such as its own kitchen, bathroom, and living room. In many cases, these apartments will also have their own entrances to the home, although it is not uncommon to find ones that share the same entrance as the rest of the house.

One of the biggest benefits provided by a second suite is that it does provide you with a great area for any of your guests to stay. The self-contained nature of the second suite allows your guests to keep their privacy, while also making it feel like less of an imposition to have someone staying in your home for a few days. 

Another great reason to build a second suite is that you can choose to rent it out in order to make a bit of extra money. This is a great way to get extra income when you are retired, or simply to get some assistance with paying your mortgage.

Additional Bathroom

Adding an additional bathroom to your home is a fantastic idea because it can help you sell your home, or generate increased buyer interest. The reason for this is because many people, especially those with larger families, are looking for homes that provide enough bathroom space so that their kids are not fighting over limited bathroom space.

Not only can this feature help you sell your home, it can also increase your home's value so that you can get more money when you decide to sell the house. A simple half-bathroom can actually add up to 10.5% to your home's value, while a full bathroom can add an additional 20% to the home's value.

Speak to a contractor today to discuss your home addition options. An additional bathroom can make your home sell for more, while a second suite can provide you with rental income or a nice and private place for your guests to stay.


3 March 2015

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