4 Things To Avoid In A Hot Tub


If you are planning on getting a hot tub in your backyard, you are about to feel a lot more relaxed. However, before jumping into this purchase, you should know the basic rules and guidelines for owning a hot tub. Here are some things you should never do in or around a hot tub to avoid injury or damage to the hot tub itself.

Avoid Getting Dirt or Sand Inside

Be very careful when you are working with dirt or sand around the hot tub. Do not jump in the tub immediately after coming home from the beach. Rinse off first, then enjoy the nice hot water. Getting sand or dirt in the hot tub can be disastrous, as it clogs the filter and is very difficult to remove. If you are planning on a home renovation project outside, cover the hot tub fully to protect it from damage.

Keep the Temperature at a Reasonable Level

Your hot tub manufacturer's instructions should come with the recommended temperatures, and a temperature you should not go above. Just because your thermostat goes over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, doesn't mean it is safe to do so. Check the instructions to look at the right temperatures for hot water that don't go over the limit. If it is too hot, you could experience strain on your cardiovascular system. You can also ask your doctor if there is a temperature they recommend.

Keep the Hot Tub Secured When Not in Use

In order to keep your children out of the hot tub when you are not around, have a cover over the top that has a lock. Children should never be permitted in a hot tub without your supervision. They can drown or have a serious injury just as easily in a hot tub as they could in a swimming pool. Your hot tub should always be inaccessible when there is not an adult nearby.

Avoid Hot Tubs When You Have An Open Sore

If you have a deep scrape or open sore, do not use the hot tub until it has healed completely. The hot water can actually cause spreading of your infection. While keeping the hot tub sanitized properly is a good way to avoid infection, it may not be enough to avoid infection if you already have an open sore. Avoid the hot tub until you have seen your doctor or the sore has closed and healed completely.

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10 February 2015

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