Removing A Steel Fence Post: Buried Concrete Vs. Concrete Pad


There's nothing more frustrating than coming out of your house only to find that one of the steel fence posts that is supporting your fence is broken. Whether it suffered a collision or was merely damaged as a result of the weather, it is important to replace the fence post as soon as possible. The most difficult part of the process of replacement is getting the fence post out of the concrete into which it has been set. This process needs to be done carefully in order to make sure that no one gets hurt. There are two main types of concrete base that a post is set in, each with different strategies for removing the post.

1. Buried Concrete

If you have to contend with buried concrete, then the only way to get your post out is to simply dig it out. This can be a difficult process, but there are ways to make it easier. First, take a drill and drill a hole about a half inch across in the broken post that you need to remove. This hole should be located between 3 and 5 inches from the ground.If the hole is too close to the ground, you will not be able to get the leverage to pull the post out. If the hole is too high, then you are more likely to snap the pole in half, rather than actually remove it. 

Take a rebar that measures about 3/8 of an inch thick and stick it through the hole. Take a chain and attach it to both ends of the rebar. Using a four by four mounted to a cinder block, put enough pressure on the chain to slowly lift the post out of the ground.

2. Concrete Pad

If your post has been stabilized within a pad of concrete, then you can actually use a car jack to remove the post. First, place the ends of the jack underneath the pad. Then slowly start to crank the jack higher until the concrete has been removed from the ground. The post will come with the concrete. Simply remove the concrete and the post from the jack and you will have the space to install a new steel post.

This process can also be done by professionals. Contact some local steel fence contractors for more information about the services that they are able to provide or for advice. 


30 January 2015

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