Tips For Buying New Faucets To Revitalize Your Bathroom

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An affordable and quick way to update your bathroom is to install new faucets. If you haven't changed yours in years, they may be rusted, pitted, leaky, or dated. New fixtures make your bathroom appear modern, and they can even add a touch of luxury depending on the type you buy. Here are some things to consider when you shop for new bathroom faucets.

Replacement Fixtures

If you don't want to change the current openings in your sink or shower, then be sure to check the existing fixtures, so you can buy faucets that fit. If you plan to upgrade your sink cabinet too, you may have more leeway in the type of faucets you buy. If all you do is switch out the faucets, you can probably do the job yourself. If you need to drill new holes and reroute plumbing, you'll probably need to call a contractor.

Types Of Mounts

Faucets mount in various ways. If your sink is small, a single mount faucet may be best. These have one hole in the cabinet, and the faucet and handle are all one piece. If your sink is an average or large size, you will have a lot more options. You'll be able to choose a three-hole faucet set that has a center spout and handles on each side. These come in an amazing variety of styles and shapes. If you want to be ultra-modern, you can mount your faucet on the wall, so you will have extra space between the spout and sink. These are a good choice if your sink is a bowl that sits up high on top of the cabinet.

Faucet Finishes

The material used to make the faucet is mostly a matter of preference. You probably have a finish or color you like best. The finish can also determine the price. The most inexpensive faucets have plastic parts, but they are not very durable and they don't look very luxurious. Brass, on the other hand, is very strong and more expensive. Brass is also a good choice if you have hard water because it will resist pitting and rust. Polished faucets look great right after you clean them and they are sparkly, but they show water spots the rest of the time. If you don't want to be a slave to polishing your faucets, then you may want a brushed finish instead. These have a duller appearance, but they do not show fingerprints or water spots. You can even choose faucets made of enamel. While they are great if you want to color coordinate your bathroom, they may crack or chip under heavy use or abuse from kids.

While all these considerations are important, the most important thing is you love your new faucets. They will reflect your decorating style and personality. Whether you choose a classic look or something with artistic flair, new faucets will breathe fresh life into your bathroom without having to bust your budget. Visit a fixture provider, such as Fixture Shop, to explore the best options for your bathroom and style. 


13 January 2015

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