Energy Beyond Electricity: Three Other Solar Technologies That Can Help You Save Energy

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When you hear about solar energy for the home, you may hear a lot about PV solar panels and solar electricity. Producing electricity is not the only thing that can be done with solar collectors on your home. Energy from the sun can also be used to heat water, provide your home with heating and keep water in a pool a nice warm temperature. If you want to adapt your home to use solar energy, here are three types of solar systems you may want to consider:

1. Solar Water Heater For Domestic Hot Water

If you want to have hot water for your home, you can use a solar hot water heater. This solar collector fills with water to provide water for your home. If you want to be able to use the solar hot water heater all year, you can also have a pole-mounted solar panel installed to provide the system with electricity to heat the water when the temperature is too cold outside. These systems can also be installed with a storage tank to ensure that the water reaches a safe temperature for domestic hot water use.

2. Active And Passive Solar Home Heating Systems

There are also heating systems for your home that use solar energy. These can be passive systems, which are collectors that heat air that is then distributed through ductwork or directly into your home. Active solar heaters are different because they use water or a liquid that is then used to heat your home with radiators or central HVAC. Either one of these system will need to have an auxiliary backup for heating when sunlight is not available. This can be something as simple as a battery bank that uses electricity to provide the system with heat when it is too cold.

3. Simple Solar Solutions For Pools And The Garden

If you have a pool, hot tub or an outdoor pond, solar energy can be used to provide you with heating for these features. These can just be solar collectors that heat and circulate water. They can allow you to keep a pool open longer, or reduce the energy needed to heat water in a hot tube. If you like ponds and aquatic life, the addition of a solar heating system can allow you to have more of a variety of plants and animals in your pond.

Energy from the sun can be used for many things besides producing electricity. If you live in an area where both wind and sun are available, you may want to consider using wind for electricity and solar for things like heating. You can contact a vendor of solar power systems and ask them about some of the options for using solar energy in your home.


7 January 2015

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