Planned Maintenance: Why An HVAC System Needs It & How Often It Should Be Done


The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is the one aspect of your home that you likely use a lot. Due to the HVAC system being useful year round, it can go through many different problems needing repairs. You must plan regular maintenance for the system to prevent untimely repairs that may not be within your budget.

Why Should an HVAC System Undergo Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance will allow a specialist to inspect some of the vital areas of the HVAC system to determine if they are functioning as they should. One of the areas that should be inspected is the duct system to make sure it is not covered in dirt. Too much dirt in the air ducts can lead to an insufficient amount of air flowing out of the ventilation system. The dirt can also start circulating in your home, which is not good for those suffering from allergies.

The water heater is another part of the system that must be inspected. A specialist will be able to look at the pilot to make sure nothing is interfering with the flame from sparking up, such as dust. There should also be plenty of air circulating around the water heater to make sure complete combustion with the flame takes place. A lack of oxygen to the flame leads to combustion not completing and carbon monoxide being produced.

Planned maintenance should also involve the combustion chamber being checked for dirt and cracks. The combustion chamber is actually highly important because problems with it can lead to you inhaling carbon monoxide. It is vital for the chamber to function at its fullest ability to lead carbon monoxide out of the house in case incomplete combustion occurs.

How Often Should Planned Maintenance be Done for an HVAC System?

Make sure you are getting your HVAC system professionally inspected at least twice per year. The maintenance will help you prepare the system for the hot and cold seasons of the year without having to suddenly spend money on a repair that you didn't know was necessary. If you notice a change to the efficiency of the system between the inspection periods, get another inspection done.

Don't allow your HVAC system to accumulate a lot of problems at once. Hire a heating and cooling specialist like one from Chappel's Heating & Cooling to visit your home and thoroughly inspect the vital parts of the system so repairs can be made in a timely manner! 


3 January 2015

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