Improving And Securing Your Home: Options In Home Roofing Materials

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Purchasing your own home can be an extremely rewarding and exciting process, but home ownership is not without its challenges. Buying a home requires you to develop a base knowledge in a wide array of home improvement fields, and keeping your home up to date and in top condition is essential to maintaining its value.

Below, you'll find a guide to some materials available to you in home roofing replacement. Your roof is exposed to weather, sun, and other punishments from the environment, and making it as strong as possible is an important way to guarantee your home holds its quality long into the future. When you need to replace your roof, talk to a roofing contractor about one of these options.

Slate Tile

While slate tile has been used in roofing for centuries, it has recently experienced a revitalization in popularity. Extremely strong and durable, slate tile is an excellent choice for environments that feature a lot of sun exposure. Your slate tile roof can be purchased in lighter shades that will allow it to effectively deflect sunlight, keeping your home cool and decreasing your energy costs while not threatening discoloration of your roof.

Over time, slate wears to a smooth, elegant looking finish, allowing it to remain attractive for many years. The slate tile also is very strong, making it unlikely that shingles would break in a storm or due to damage from trees. This means you won't have to spend time perched precariously on your roof struggling to replace shingles.

Terra Cotta

Extremely popular throughout the American southwest, terra cotta roofs are a great choice for deflecting both sun and precipitation. Terra cotta roofs are made from naturally occurring clay that is shaped into rounded tiles, This material combined with the curvature and the light color allows it to effectively reflect sunlight, again making it an excellent choice to keep your home cool.

The shape of the tiles also allows the roof to divert water and snow away from your home, keeping it dry and secure. This also means you won't risk water damage occurring from seepage, keeping the structure of your roof as stable as its look.

Green Roofing

An increased focus on environmental concerns has made green roofing much more popular. Typically, a layer of black, waterproof material is laid on your roof, allowing it to absorb sunlight. Subsequent to that, a membrane is installed that allows for planting of a wide variety of greenery. This means your home will not only stay cool, but will also be a great location for enjoying some wilderness. This can be especially important if you're located in an urban area without much access to trees or grass.


25 September 2014

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